You Might Be A Law Student If. . .

. . . instead of Harry Potter or Star Wars, you find yourself camping out front the Supreme Court for oral arguments in D.C. v. Heller, to be argued Tuesday morning at 10:00am. The Court doesn't allow live broadcast of oral arguments, but is making the rare accommodation of publishing its own recordings of the arguments immediately after they end, at about 11:30am. CSPAN will air them at that time, as live as they can get.

In case you've been living somewhere dank and unhealthy for the past six months, Heller is the first time the Court has been faced with the necessity to interpret the language of the 2nd Amendment since the mid-thirties. Significantly, the Court is expected to determine whether the 2nd Amendment refers to an individual right, or merely to a state right. A ruling won't be out until late Summer, but oral arguments will give us an important glimpse into what the Justices are thinking.

Tom G Varik