What Would Sigmund Say?

Every once in a while - maybe once in eighteen months - I will find something so wonderful that it literally makes me squee with delight.

I like pens. Specifically fountain pens. I love how easy they are to write with. I hate ballpoints so much that I absolutely refuse to use them. For "cheap" writing needs, I use rollerballs. It just takes too much effort to drag that gummy, nasty, ballpoint paste across the paper. And they stink, and they don't write evenly.

So I bought myself a very nice fountain pen. I have several cheapies that work well, but I found a really nice, mid-priced pen that I decided that I deserved and I bought it as a present to myself. It's very pretty. Here it is.

Legacy Heritage

I love it and it writes wonderfully.

So here's the squee part. It came with a catalog from the seller. I open the catalog, and am immediately struck by a pen that I absolutely must, but probably never will, own.


You have to click it to see the whole thing, complete with description and, most depressingly, price.

There is really only one thing I can say about it: "Squee!"


It turns out that the Caran d'Ache "1010" is misnamed. It's off by over 46 seconds. The maths indicate that the hour and minute hands are both deviated from 12 by the same degree (hour hand counterclockwise, minute hand clockwise) at 10:09:13.85, not at 10:10:00. Because, you see, the hour hand moves half a degree per minute. So by the time the minute hand gets around to the "2", the hour hand has moved past the "10" by 5 degrees. The exact time at which the angles are equal is ten and 2/13 hours after twelve.

Tom G Varik