Week Zero


The Week That Finally Ended


I am sitting in the United Club enjoying a mimosa at 8:00am. After nearly three weeks, I have finally reached the weekend.

In retrospect, continuing to work right up until last Friday may have been a poor life choice. I could have used those extra hours every day to pack and move my stuff into storage. I had invaluable help from my mother in the evenings after work. She put up with my extreme crankiness, and we made gradual progress. But by Friday there was still so much to do.

I wept and dispaired. But this soon passed. We worked continuously from Friday afternoon. On Tuesday, I packed the last few things into my car and left my apartment for the last time.

I say “last few things”. Every cubic inch of my tiny car was packed with junk. I’d have been perfectly happy to get rid of most of it, but my mother wanted it. I frightened myself with my persistence. I desperately wanted to be done with the apartment, and by defying the laws of physics I managed to fit more things in my car than it has ever held before.

By the way, if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, surprisingly capacious compact sedan, might I recommend the Toyota Corrolla?

I loved that car. I had it for nearly 11 years and took very good care of it. But I parted with it yesterday because I cannot take it with me. Thanks to Tom Weeks at Alternative Solution Car Care in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, I found a buyer to pay me a fair price for my low-mileage, gently-used automobile. If you have a Toyota or Honda, go to Alternative Solution for all your car care needs. They’ve taken exclusive and excellent care of every car I’ve ever owned, and I’m going to miss them.

Most of my things are in storage. I have shipped a few things ahead, and when I arrive in California in eight hours, someone else gets do deal with my luggage. I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend; starting Monday, I won’t have weekends anymore.

Tom G Varik