Things What Scare Me


It is difficult for me to express exactly how much this man scares me. Not just from a political standpoint, but as a person. Even the look of him portends terrible things. Perhaps he smells of doom.

It isn't even the possibility, however remote, that he might be elected that scares me. A theocrat at 1600 Pennsylvania couldn't do so much damage as, say, a theocrat at One First Street. It would still be awful, but if putting up a theocratic government is your goal, the Oval Office isn't the most effective route.

What is really frightening about Mike Huckabee is that so many people - people who have secretly yearned for a more religious government for decades - are becoming more vocal about their desire for a tyrannical government. What happened?

But there is one upside:

If he does get nominated, voting for the Democrat will sting just a little bit less.

Tom G Varik