The Autumnal Unpleasantness

This will in all likelihood be my only commentary on The Autumnal Unpleasantness. If you don't know what that is, try and keep it that way.

First this tweet:
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And also, this DM I sent to Trey:

And that remains the sum of my evaluation of the matter. I know that the events have been of very significant importance to people about whom I care. But the fact remains that the whole affair, including the questions of who made the error, how, and why, does not affect me personally. I am not an academic, and I am not an activist. I am not a philosopher in the heavy sense of the word. I live according to my judgment, and judging this simply hasn't been relevant.

If I read LL, which I probably will, I will judge its content then, not before, and I will base that judgment on the book's content, not its pedigree. Moreover, I will only bother to read it if I think it will have some value to me; that is, if it will improve my ability to live. A good theory of induction would very likely do that, so I am interested. But the commentary (to use that word quite broadly), including that of LP, DH, YB, JM, CB, and even that of my friends the Drs. H, SL, TP, and RH, has failed to interest me. I recognize that the subject matter of The Unpleasantness has been of great importance to the lives of people I value, but it just hasn't been for mine. Throughout I found myself more concerned for the well-being of the people I prefer to call my friends.

Tom G Varik