The Amazon Dot Com

I cannot recommend the Amazon Dot Com highly enough. I love the Amazon Dot Com.

The Amazon Dot Com always has great prices, frequently marks things down by huge percentages, has just about anything you could ever want, often has free shipping. And so on. The Amazon Dot Com is absolutely Amazing!

They have great customer service. Several years ago, I ordered some Christmas gifts for friends and family and had them shipped to me. The UPS delivered them, but left them sitting on my apartment doorstep. My apartment at the time was in a building where you keyed in the front door (or got buzzed in) and then walked up the stairs to the apartment door, which had a separate key. The UPS left my Amazon Dot Com package on the doorstep of my door, not the building door. So it should have been safe. But I lived in a building with other college students, and so safe it was not. It got snatched. I filed a police report and complained to the management. I then called the Amazon Dot Com to tell them, and they replaced the lost items at no charge, even for shipping. They did not even require me to fax over the police report. They just did it.

Two weeks ago, I ordered some very very expensive Alfred Hitchcock DVD sets for myself. See, my Granmama sends me a check and tells me to use the money to buy something, wrap it up, and put it under the tree from her. Its just easier that way. So I used the money to buy the Hitchcock DVD sets. Well, the dang blasted United States Postal Service, which I despise, went and lost them. I called the Amazon Dot Com today and once again they replaced them right away. No charge. And they're not using the USPS this time. All they asked was that if the old ones turn up, I should let them know.

So in addition to having everything you want at great prices, the Amazon Dot Com also has great customer service.

If anyone is just dying to try out the Amazon Dot Com, but doesn't know what to buy first, you are of course welcome to buy something for me off my Amazon Dot Com Wishlist!

Tom G Varik