Hack Reactor

Back in June, a friend of mine started a three-month software engineering training program in San Francisco. He talked with me about the program over the Memorial Day weekend, just before he started it, while we were both in Atlanta. I had been considering making some changes, because I was very unhappy in my job with Social Security. My friend persuaded me that I should at least apply to the same program, even though it

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Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Revised Fourth Edition

After weeks of hunting, I am pleased to present to you the complete electronic version of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Revised Fourth Edition, as supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor as ASCII files on 34 floppy disks. This electronic version contains data published in the following print volumes:

  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Revised Fourth Edition, Vol. I
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Revised Fourth Edition, Vol II
  • Selected Characteristics of Occupations Defined in
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How I Got Here

Last time, I told you that I got myself a lovely job with Ardiwa, the American Retirement and Disability Insurance and Welfare Administration*. Here's the story of how I got it.

Since being admitted to the bar in Key Midwestern Swing State, I practiced general law out of my mother's house in Greater Northeast Key Midwestern Swing State City. I lived (and still live) with her because it was cheaper that way while I was

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On the Thing Into Which I Have Gotten Myself

Right then. So. I got a job. And I'd bet someone is wondering what kind of job it is. So I will tell you.

First, keep in mind a few things. I have a law degree, which was very expensive. I owe approximately $100k on it still. I have a law license in Key Midwestern Swing State, which I have had and tried to use since November of 2009. The current national government has seen

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Farewell, Unemployment

Obviously I have been neglecting WoPSR.net for a while. My unemployment following admission to the bar is entirely to blame for that. It's not that I had nothing to say during that time. I just had nothing interesting to say that couldn't be said in 140 or fewer characters. That shall change now very soon.

For I, the Unemployed Attorney, have obtained a position!

I can't share any details about it yet; at least

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