FCC Ready to Kill Internet

According to Reuters, FCC commissioners voted 5-0 today to proceed with crafting a "net neutrality" rule, sending the current language (which would strip telecom companies of the right to control how they use their own property) to the printing office for public comment. Comments will be accepted until January 14th.

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is available online here [PDF].

You can upload your comments using ECFS here, using proceeding number 09-191. You can read

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It has been six years and we are still losing the war. On this the first Tuesday 11 September since the last Tuesday 11 September, it is profoundly heartbreaking that, instead of identifying and destroying our enemy, our government has instead shackled our ability to defend ourselves to the whim of collectivists, appeased and pandered to those who would destroy us, and visciously undercut the very principles for which we should be fighting. Can it

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