WoPSR.net, Now an Amazon Associate

So if I post a link to a product there, and you click it and then buy something, I might get a small commission in the form of Amazon.com store credit.

I'm also working on doing the same with iTunes.

I'm going to be making a number of other changes soon as well. I need to clean up the blogroll, replace the Flash clocks with canvases, and fix the wishlist. I'm also working on

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The Chamberlain announces a facelift to the site. Full functionality has been restored, though some minor changes may still occur. Please notify the Chamberlain of any errors.

~ Chamberlain of Content

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Testing Twitter Integration

Once more trying to get Wordpress to tweet my blog posts with URL-shortening by bit.ly. I think it will work this time.

Update: It works!

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Sort of Back

I am sort of back from hiatus. Kind of.

I got the site updated to latest Wordpress, something I've been meaning to do for . . . um . . . a year now? Also added Twitter to the right hand sidebar and fixed the Wishlist page, which broke on August 17th, 2009, when Amazon started requiring all Web Service requests to be signed.

I'll be making changes to the Blogroll over the next few

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Still gone, but with a request

I've been so very busy. Graduating from law school, then preparing for the bar. The bar is in a week and a half (last Tues-Thurs in July) and I'm starting to feel the stress. I'm also just now in the middle of a house move which must be completed by the day after the last day of the bar exam, so that's a bit stress-inducing there, too. So I'm still going to be gone for

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Where Have I Been?

I have been busy. Very busy indeed. First, I spent much of the summer working for a local judge. I can't tell you which one. It was a wonderful experience and I got to work on a variety of cases. Classes started two weeks ago and I am getting back into the swing of things. I recently applied for a job with the Federal government: as a judicial clerk. It's highly competitive. I do hope

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Rosebush Watch

I set up a camera to watch my rosebush. You can see a live picture of my rosebush here [Link removed because Rosebush Watch ended on July 1, 2008] or by clicking on the little rosebush sitting on the W in the header. The camera watches 24/7. If you're lucky, you might catch me watering it some time.

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In Other News

I will shortly be making my gloriatial and spectaculary return to regular substantive blogging. I have much in the way of Yuletide dramatics to relate. Topics will include:

The Bhutto Assassination
My Sister's Graduation
My Sister's Job Interview
Families & The Holidays

I will also be cleaning up all these half-finished movie reviews.

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I am happy to announce that the unplanned, unannounced hiatus on which I have been for the past week or so is finally over! Excitement!

Unfortunately, the planned, announced hiatus on which I am now going has only just begun. Unfortunate!

The last few weeks of the semester are at hand, and will be followed inevitably and diabolically by the extremely unpleasant exam week. I'm sure there are fives, maybe even tens of you out

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Further Hinkiness

Netflix has gone and done something wonky that messed up the Netflix widget and broke the site for a while. Lovely if(isset($var)) statements have fixed the problem, but the queue still doesn't show. At least, not from where I'm sitting. It might be a magpie issue. Your cache may vary. Either Netflix changed the format of the RSS feed with my queue in it, thereby messing up the regular expressions the Netflix widget

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Announcing Hinkiness

The Seneschal regrets to announce that the MySQL database is behaving in a manner most unbecoming a MySQL database. The posting of comments is directly affected. If you receive a MySQL error when trying to post a comment, please try again. And likely, again and again and again. It will eventually go through. Just click the "back" button on your browser and your comment should still appear entered in the comment entry box. Just re-enter

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Announcing Movies

The Chamberlain announces the addition of the movie ratings database and the Netflix queue widget. Please see the Movies page.

The Chamberlain also begs forgiveness for this wholly un-called-for weekend post.

~Chamberlain of Content

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In the Company of Giants

I am delighted to have received several comments from persons of great note and whom I respect. To the intellectual giants who have offered their encouragements, many thanks. I hope you may find value in my efforts.

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On Comments

The Seneschal announces that comments now function as expected. There will be minor formatting changes in the near future, but these should not disrupt functionality.

~Seneschal of Comments

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The Newness of it All

I know nobody reads this yet.  So it is in a spirit of lighthearted intralocution that I announce that the site may be wonky for a few hours while I add some things, take others away, and otherwise engage in minor and major jiggery-pokery.

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