23andMe Sale!

23andMe offers ridiculously low cost, private genotyping to just about anyone. They take your spit and use it to test your DNA for hundreds of thousands of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Many of these SNPs are reliable predictors of gene sequence, and 23andMe can tell you tons of interesting stuff about tote traits, disease risk, heredity, and more! I've found out all sorts of really interesting stuff, like the fact that my father's father's mother,

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The Amazon Dot Com

I cannot recommend the Amazon Dot Com highly enough. I love the Amazon Dot Com.

The Amazon Dot Com always has great prices, frequently marks things down by huge percentages, has just about anything you could ever want, often has free shipping. And so on. The Amazon Dot Com is absolutely Amazing!

They have great customer service. Several years ago, I ordered some Christmas gifts for friends and family and had them shipped to

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