Rosebush Watch Ends

Rosebush Watch officially ended July 1, when I received an apology for the vandalism of my rosebush. I forgot to tell everyone. Sorry.

The camera is gone, as is the Rosebush Watch page.

The bush is now in its second bloom cycle and is covered with new flowers.

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Rosebush Watch: The Damage

I meant to post these earlier. These are from June 12th, when the Rosebush Vandal struck again.





The person was who everyone expected. Because the person is a minor, I am not posting the video of the act.

This person came onto the porch, pulled the petals off the existing blooms, threw them in the air, and danced and twirled in them as they fell to the ground.

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Rosebush Vandal Strikes Again!

The Rosebush Vandal has struck again. This time, I caught the perpetrator on video. Obviously, I will not be posting the video of the commission of this most recent crime until such time as I am able to determine whether or not it is legally safe for me to do so.

This time, existing blooms were ripped off. The perpetrator demonstrated an inordinate amount of glee. When I get a second to catch up with

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Rosebush Watch

I set up a camera to watch my rosebush. You can see a live picture of my rosebush here [Link removed because Rosebush Watch ended on July 1, 2008] or by clicking on the little rosebush sitting on the W in the header. The camera watches 24/7. If you're lucky, you might catch me watering it some time.

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I have a rosebush.

It is a floribunda with deep red--almost maroon--flowers. I've been working on it for a few years now, and I prune it when it needs pruning, and I water it every other day, and I feed it and rotate it (it is in a large pot) and clip off dead blooms and whatnot. I care for it, rather like some people care for pets. It is a thing that I am

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