Hack Reactor

Back in June, a friend of mine started a three-month software engineering training program in San Francisco. He talked with me about the program over the Memorial Day weekend, just before he started it, while we were both in Atlanta. I had been considering making some changes, because I was very unhappy in my job with Social Security. My friend persuaded me that I should at least apply to the same program, even though it

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Marginal Tax Brackets for 2001

I recently solved a problem that has been bothering me for almost a year now. For reasons no one wants me to get into, I had been attempting to model US federal marginal income tax brackets for individuals under 26 USC §1. The math is pretty straightforward. The brackets are adjusted each year according to the average CPI-U for the period September TY-2 through August TY-1. There are some quirky rounding rules, but I had

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As you may have heard from the twitters, I have some projects going. Here are some brief descriptions of them. No photos, yet, because I'm writing this on my phone and don't have any handy.

Project #1: Exercise
Yesterday, I went to a high intensity training facility. It's not a gym--a gym is a place where you pay a membership fee and get to use the equipment on your own, and pay extra for a

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Knitting Harry Potter Scarves

PoA-style HP Scarf (Ravenclaw)

I have knitted several of these. The one pictured is my personal Ravenclaw, in blue and bronze. The films use blue and silver for Ravenclaw, but every True Ravenclaw knows the colors are really blue and bronze. The finished scarf is about 10′ long. One day, I'll take better pictures of it, under proper lighting. Done with the move to Ghost, 8 June 2014.

The pattern is adapted, with significant alterations, from a pattern

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