Compare & Contrast

Our first production assignment in film school was to film and edit together a silent short, then give it a soundtrack that completely altered the emotional response of the viewer. It was a demonstration of the equally-matched emotional power of picture and sound. It was a challenging exercise.

Today, I present you with two videos, both of which use nearly the same soundtrack, but with different pictures. This inverts the exercise. Watch them both, then

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Get Used To It, Kid

From the Sunderland Echo, via Angry People in Local Newspapers, comes this quote from a (UK) government bureaucrat, in response to criticism of a "minimalist" playpark populated exclusively by concrete plinths of varying height after a child is injured by whacking his head on one:

The design provided in the park is very different and probably not what many people are used to in a public play space, but the provision of features, such as
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I research many things on the Internets. This is not one of them. But I found it and could not stop laughing. And it gives me an opportunity to kick off the "Post-modernism" category.

Via Manolo's Shoe Blog, which itself comes to me via Mr. Flibbertigibbet, the Louis Vitton Frankenpurse:

Louis Vitton Frankenpurse
Apparently, it costs $52,500 and they're only making two dozen. Beyoncé Knowles and the current Mrs. Rudy Giuliani are rumored to be among the

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