Oh, Alex IV

This one isn't a faux pas.

Atlas Shrugged was featured as the question to the $200 answer in this evening's "Literary Titles" category (Jeopardy Round). It was the first answer of the game. I don't think the Jeopardy! people like having clips from the show up on the YouTube, so I can't post a video. The clue was cute. Alex gave a spoken clue ("1957 novel about a strong female executive") while a video clip

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Oh, Alex III

Mr Trebek had a minor heart attack at his home yesterday. He is recovering in hospital, and intends to continue hosting Jeopardy! when it resumes taping in January. I wish him well, and look forward to many more awkward contestant interviews in the future.

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Oh, Alex II

A contestant relates a story from when he was a messenger. Upon making a delivery to the exercise guru, the messenger could not regain his pen from Richard Simmons until he had made a promise to exercise. The present day contestant is a husky man, with noticeable paunch. Alex responds:

You lied!

If he keeps this up, I'll make this a regular feature.

PS: Remember to avoid dangling your participles!

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Oh, Alex

Alex Trebek asks a contestant, who boasts that she has slept in a hotel room floating on the Kwai river in Thailand, whether the original bridge (of cinema fame) is still there.

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