Farewell, Unemployment

Obviously I have been neglecting WoPSR.net for a while. My unemployment following admission to the bar is entirely to blame for that. It's not that I had nothing to say during that time. I just had nothing interesting to say that couldn't be said in 140 or fewer characters. That shall change now very soon.

For I, the Unemployed Attorney, have obtained a position!

I can't share any details about it yet; at least

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Eee! And also Reader!

I have jumped on the weensy netbook bandwagon and purchased an ASUS Eee PC 901. It is teensy and black and is running a spare XP license I had left over from when I upgraded my now massive by comparison laptop to Vista. It is wonderful! It is quick, small, and lasts upwards of 8 hours on a charge. With the wireless on, even! I'm using it primarily for class - taking notes and pulling

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Moon Eating Contest

Tonight's total lunar eclipse, visible from Western Europe and Africa to the Rocky Mountains, will be the last one until 2010. The moon will enter the Earth's umbra at 8:43pm EST and will enter total eclipse at 10:01pm EST, where it will remain for 51 minutes, until 10:52pm EST. The moon with then leave the Earth's umbra at 12:09am EST on Thursday morning.

Total lunar eclipses last longer in totality than

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I went to visit Tailor today.


I decided to get a suit made. And some shirts. I had fun. I spent a lot of money. I sat there thumbing through hundreds of different cloths for suits and shirts. I chose a lightweight medium gray with a delicious texture for the suit, and four solid colors for the shirts. I'm not ready to graduate to stripy-ness yet.

Tailor is going to make the suit just

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In Other News

I will shortly be making my gloriatial and spectaculary return to regular substantive blogging. I have much in the way of Yuletide dramatics to relate. Topics will include:

The Bhutto Assassination
My Sister's Graduation
My Sister's Job Interview
Families & The Holidays

I will also be cleaning up all these half-finished movie reviews.

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Super Happy Capitalist Winter Extravaganza is near at hand!

Most of you know this holiday by its much less cumbersome and more familiar name, Christmas. But let's face it: Christmas is about buying stuff for people you like and getting stuff from them, in a fantastic orgy of sales and decorations, smothered in a gooey outpouring of happy delicious good will. Hooray, Capitalism!

In the spirit of the lively exchange of gifts, I have published

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Introducing the Excitement! Category

Since the beginning of the semester, the University has received a fairly consistent (and consistently bogus, but nonetheless consistently disruptive) stream of bomb threats.  One day, one building.   The next, another.  It was almost like some lazy and mischievous undergraduate, displeased with the crepuscular hour of his first class of the day, decided to send a little email.  A new one for each building for each day of the week.  They were always resolved without

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