Electricity is a Mystery

A few months ago, Gus posted a link to an image purporting to be a scan from a children's science textbook:Gus was skeptical of the image's authenticity. Obviously the image had been altered to show a gun in the girl's hand rather than what the hairdryer that was probably in the original. But the text was partly believable as genuine fanaticism. To see if Poe's Law was really at work here, I did a

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Public Libraries are Hazardous to Your Health

This is a gross post.

I do not often get sick. In fact, in the past 3 years, I have been sick exactly 3 times. Fortunately, they have all come at the least inopportune times - during various breaks. I got sick two Christmases ago, and then again last Christmas, and now I'm sick again during summer break.

All three times have been really insanely awful sinus infections. I'm not the sort of person who

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Everyone Else Is Doing It

[Note from the Chamberlain: All fixed!]

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And besides,

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