<em>Sterca Sanctus</em>

I expected Huckabee would turn out on top of the Republican caucuses in Iowa. He won't do so well in New Hampshire, at least.

I've always said Huckabee was more frightening to me for the ideological trends he represents, not for the possibility that he might be elected. And I still am not too worried about that.

What is interesting to me is Obama's victory in the Democratic caucuses.

The two most religious candidates won in Iowa. The eleven month long, slow-motion train wreck begins!

Fortunately, Iowa has been off the mark as a November predictor for the past few cycles. I hope those ideological trends I fear, which have clearly shown themselves in Iowa, do not end up having broad national support.


Now that I think about it, I'm interested to see what Huckabee's Iowa win will do to his extremist religious base. Will we see a flood of Evangelical Christian voters energized by this high profile, mathematically insignificant win?

Tom G Varik