Sort of Back

I am sort of back from hiatus. Kind of.

I got the site updated to latest Wordpress, something I've been meaning to do for . . . um . . . a year now? Also added Twitter to the right hand sidebar and fixed the Wishlist page, which broke on August 17th, 2009, when Amazon started requiring all Web Service requests to be signed.

I'll be making changes to the Blogroll over the next few days. There are lots of places I want to add, and I want to add a category of frivolous fun sites.

Also, I made the site mobile-accessible. Actually, I think I did, and I did it a few months ago. It looks alright on my Blackberry Bold, but I don't have any other phones with which to test it. I'd like to know how it shows on an iPhone, if anyone cares to test it out for me.

Tom G Varik