As you may have heard from the twitters, I have some projects going. Here are some brief descriptions of them. No photos, yet, because I'm writing this on my phone and don't have any handy.

Project #1: Exercise
Yesterday, I went to a high intensity training facility. It's not a gym--a gym is a place where you pay a membership fee and get to use the equipment on your own, and pay extra for a trainer. I don't care for that. This place does personal training exclusively at a fairly reasonable price. They use the BBS/HIT protocol. I selected BBS/HIT (specifically as against CrossFit) because 1) the science looks good, 2) it fits my schedule, and 3) the intense, focused, slow style appeals to me.

That's not to say the science doesn't look good on CrossFit. CrossFit doesn't fit my schedule, there's no reasonably accessible facility, and, most importantly, the "play" style of CrossFit doesn't appeal to me as much as the one-track, distraction-free, intense focus style of BBS/HIT.

As soon as my financial situation evens out from the quite unexpected hit I took from taxes this time 'round, I'll be going once a week. I am very excited about this long-term project.

Project #3: Logo Pins
For a while now, I've wanted to make some lapel pins of my "W" logo, so that when I meet people who know me predominantly by that logo from the Internets, they won't have to go through the embarrassing "is that you, Qwertz?" situation into which I have put them by not using many photos of myself.

I finally started this project. I can't do metalworking where I am, so I designed the W in CAD and sent it to a machine shop to mill out of aluminum for me. When I get these back (I ordered a bunch, 'cause it made sense) I will enamel them in red and black, leaving the body of the W unpainted. They will look spiffy. I have everything except the Ws and an airbrush for the painting. Will be finished in time for SnowCon.

Project 4: Toothless Plushie
I've posted a few photos to twitter on this one. I wanted a plushie Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon, but the official ones look terrible. So I found a pattern online and am sewing it up right now. I have all the wings and fins done, 3 of 4 legs (hard!), and about half of the head (tricksy!). I'll post more about this one as it progresses.

Project #5: Scarf
This is actually the oldest of my five projects. It has been on my needles for a year and a half. I've just been lazy about it. It's a very interesting pattern, though: transverse herringbone. I'll be bringing this one to SnowCon.

(Yes, I left one out. It's private, but I may post about it later.)

Tom G Varik