Poor? Have a Baby!

Our Glorious American System of Welfare and Entitlement has been, in no small part and despite Bill Clinton's ineffectual efforts to the contrary, instrumental in increasing the size of the Welfare-dependent population of this country. If you're poor, one of the fastest ways to get money without having to do any [Ed: well, much] work is to have a baby.

Having more kids means you get more money from TANF, more food stamps from WIC, more tax credits, more free services.

Now, Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary R. Clinton wants to give every baby born in America an automatic five grand. The money (stolen from other Americans) would be put in a 'bond' that would allegedly increase in value until the baby turned 18, when the baby could cash out the 'bond' and and use it for, well, whatever. Apparently. Clinton thinks they'll be used for education. Education I'm sure she hopes the government will provide. Where the government will get the money for this initiative, or the money to make that money "grow," is left unsaid.

And of course the very last thing we need is more people having babies in order to get money from the government.

My favorite part is this quote from Democratic Key Midwestern State Representative:

Every child born in the United States today owes $27,000 on the national debt, why not let them come get $5,000 to grow until their 18?
The article had been corrected twice as of 10:30pm EDT today to add some comments form Clinton's campaign and to correct Democratic Key Midwestern State Representative's name. But somehow, the writer still managed to get the wrong "they're."

Also notice Democratic Key Midwestern State Representative's assumption that each and every American citizen is equally responsible for a portion of the national debt. A debt many of those citizens never wanted, never applied for, never accepted, and, in exchange for accrual of which, never received any benefit.

Tom G Varik