Introducing the Excitement! Category

Since the beginning of the semester, the University has received a fairly consistent (and consistently bogus, but nonetheless consistently disruptive) stream of bomb threats.  One day, one building.   The next, another.  It was almost like some lazy and mischievous undergraduate, displeased with the crepuscular hour of his first class of the day, decided to send a little email.  A new one for each building for each day of the week.  They were always resolved without

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More on Positivism

It occurs to me that the last post was really long. Sorry. Here's some more on the consequences of Positivism.

Constitution. From constituere, to fix or establish. The U.S. Constitution was written as an establishing document. It "fixed" the powers of government. If you read the main body, it presents a list of what the government, be it the Executive, Congress, or the Judiciary, may do. In those places where it prohibits the government

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On Philosophy in Legal Education

As you already know, having thoroughly read and understood the About and Policies pages, I am a law student. I attend a public law school in a key Midwestern swing state. This information is specific enough to narrow the field to a handful of schools, but not so specific that my professors or fellow students might discover my identity. Such a discovery would likely result in an unpleasant situation, as I fully intend to engage

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In the Company of Giants

I am delighted to have received several comments from persons of great note and whom I respect. To the intellectual giants who have offered their encouragements, many thanks. I hope you may find value in my efforts.

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On Comments

The Seneschal announces that comments now function as expected. There will be minor formatting changes in the near future, but these should not disrupt functionality.

~Seneschal of Comments

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The Newness of it All

I know nobody reads this yet.  So it is in a spirit of lighthearted intralocution that I announce that the site may be wonky for a few hours while I add some things, take others away, and otherwise engage in minor and major jiggery-pokery.

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If I Had One, I'd Bet She Could

The writers of Absolutely Fabulous came up with a perfect line for every situation. Patsy manages to burn down Edina's kitchen by falling asleep with a cigarette in her mouth. Afterwards, the two are discussing how to redecorate the room. Patsy, commenting on how easy it was for her to achieve the "distressed" look of the kitchen in its burned-out state, makes the following comment.

What the hell is the difference between a painting done
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