On the Thing Into Which I Have Gotten Myself

Right then. So. I got a job. And I'd bet someone is wondering what kind of job it is. So I will tell you.

First, keep in mind a few things. I have a law degree, which was very expensive. I owe approximately $100k on it still. I have a law license in Key Midwestern Swing State, which I have had and tried to use since November of 2009. The current national government has seen fit to completely destabilize the private job market by making the future so unpredictable that private employers won't risk making new hires in any positions, let alone attorney positions which, whether in a firm or in-house, are very expensive and tend to be long-lived. Instead, the current national government has decided to "create" jobs by using confiscated money to fund new Federal employee hires in the administrative state. The Federal government has become the only significant consumer of new attorney legal services.

By now, you have figured out that I have taken a job with the Federal government, and that it isn't with one of the less obnoxious governmental bodies. Perhaps you will label the preceding paragraph as rationalization. After literally hundreds of resumes and half a dozen unsuccessful interviews, and a disturbing lack of an ability to generate my own business, the extreme dissatisfaction with my situation has led me to accept a position that, under ideal economic and political conditions, I would never even have to consider taking. Because it wouldn't exist.

My position is with a federal administrative organization which I will refer to here as the American Retirement and Disability Insurance and Welfare Administration, or Ardiwa. Those of you who know my Secret Identity from the Book Face will undoubtedly already know Ardiwa's true name. My purpose in using a pseudonym here is, as always, to prevent searches from returning hits based on entries of the real name.

This is not to say that I will be blogging about things I shouldn't be. It is merely that I prefer to keep my political opinions out of the office, where the audience is significantly different from the audience for whom I prefer to write on this blog.

My job with Ardiwa is to draft legally sufficient decisions, based on findings by administrative law judges, concerning whether claimants are entitled to receive disability benefits under Ardiwa's disability insurance or welfare programs. I do not make the decisions. I merely defend the decisions made by the ALJs using the law available to me. It is the kind of work I enjoy (writing legal opinions) and it is steady and predictable. I will do well at it, and in that way, hopefully, put the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act loot used to fund my position to as good a use as the system will presently allow.

I have a lot more to say about the job itself, federal employment in general, how I got the job, and a number of other topics on which I have made notes, but have not yet had time to write. Please watch this space, as I anticipate having a great deal more to say about this subject in the future.

Tom G Varik