On Nausea

Open letter to TV commercial directors of photography:

Shaking the camera will not make what the ad is saying more true. It will only make your viewers seasick. This is especially so on larger screens. No one wants to buy a product whose ad made them barf. It doesn't make your subject more "real," or "raw," or "edgy," or "relevant." It's also such a Commie thing to do. Cinéma vérité, Dogme 95, reality television, documentary filmmaking - all are direct ideological descendants of Soviet agitprop and dialectical materialism. The idea that shaking the camera makes the subject more realistic, by analogue to "the human experience," is straight out of Kuleshov, who was just applying Marx to film. It's also wrong. I for one do not experience the world in a bouncy, jittery, spinning blur. Human physiology doesn't work like that. Better to avoid the dishonesty altogether and put the camera on something. Cut it out with the handheld crap. We're all getting dizzy.

Yours with love,

Tom G Varik