Oh, Alex V

Today was the third episode of this year's Teen Tournament. Today's Jeopardy! round included a category called "Right On The Money," with trivia about U.S. currency. The $200 clue was (approximately) "The current $2 bill features Thomas Jefferson on the front and the signing of this document on the back." The contestant responded, "What is the Declaration of Independence?" and this response was deemed correct.

It isn't.

The back of the current $2 note does not feature the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It features the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to Congress by the Drafting Committee. The signing took place later, and not in the presence of all those depicted in the image on the back of the $2 note.

Click for superembiggification.

The image is an engraved version of John Trumbull's famous painting.

Tom G Varik