New York Senator and aspiring Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton is set to unveil her new plan to enslave physicians and ensure that all Americans have equal access to death today. Highlights will include: individual mandates, requiring all Americans to buy health insurance; employer mandates, requiring employers to pay for employee health care; and insurance mandates, barring insurance companies from charging unhealthy clients more for coverage. Specifically,

Clinton's package would also require insurers to provide coverage for anyone who applies for it and would also bar insurance companies from charging people with greater health care costs more for their premiums.
But here's how her 'top policy advisor' describes the plan:
It puts the consumer in the driver's seat by offering more choices and lowering costs.
Balderdash! Telling insurers they can't charge more for unhealthy people means everyone will have to pay higher premiums. And when those premiums pass out beyond the ability of most Americans to pay, guess who will step in to pay it. Hillary. But as she will be extracting all that money from American taxpayers in the first place, this program promises to bankrupt Americans and make quality health care a thing of the past.

Hold on to your backsides. We're in for a bumpy ride.

Tom G Varik