Kathy & Andy

Kathy Griffin co-hosted New Year's Eve at Times Square with Anderson Cooper on CNN last night. And she claims to be D-List. That's a squarely C-List activity.

Kathy tried her hardest to get Anderson fired, at one point asking him who, in the current administration, he would most enjoy waterboarding. Of course we all know Anderson's position on waterboarding (even though he never really comes out and says it), so he was quite perturbed, refused to answer, and accused Kathy of "crossing the line." To which Ms Griffin responded by looking at the camera and saying, "That's what I'm here for!" They moved on, but Anderson was just a little bit more prickly to Kathy from then on. I couldn't tell if he was just playing off her aggressiveness, or if he had actually grown uncomfortable.

Notably absent were Kathy's frequent expletives and any jokes about Anderson's mysterious sexual preferences.

All in all, Kathy was well behaved and generally amusing, and Anderson was his usual collected self, even if he wasn't sure what to make of Kathy.

Happy 2008 everyone!

Tom G Varik