It's Like <em>Sophie's Choice</em>!

Warning: Project Runway spoilers ensue!


For some reason, I've been watching Season 4 of Project Runway. I blame Flibbert, but it's not really his fault.

Last week, Chris March left. I disagreed with that choice, purely on quality-of-product grounds. I think the judges booted him because of his poor performance as leader, rather than the quality of his own work. Leader in a group challenge. A group challenge really early in the show. The second group challenge in the show. On the fourth episode. In my uneducated and inexperienced opinion, group challenges this early in the game are putting too much emphasis on interpersonal dynamics and not enough emphasis on quality of product. I don't think the show should be so much about personalities, but it is. Even so, Ricky's mess last week was far worse than Chris'.

So I was a bit distressed when Chris left. But today, Chris came back.

He got un-aufed.


Everyone says he's too costumey, but if Chris is costumey, then I like costumey.

Normally, this would be a delightful turn of events, but it comes at a horrible cost - Jack Mackenroth (whom I found mildly irritating, but whose designs I universally enjoyed) elected to leave the show for medical treatment of an MRSA infection.


If I were more invested in this show, I'd be very conflicted about this.

Update: Bah. I'm done with Project Runway.

Tom G Varik