Introducing the Excitement! Category

Since the beginning of the semester, the University has received a fairly consistent (and consistently bogus, but nonetheless consistently disruptive) stream of bomb threats.  One day, one building.   The next, another.  It was almost like some lazy and mischievous undergraduate, displeased with the crepuscular hour of his first class of the day, decided to send a little email.  A new one for each building for each day of the week.  They were always resolved without incident, and an arrest was made after the second one.  But alack, alas!  The perpetrators are multifarious and independent, engaging in wicked, wicked copycat mischief!  They have continued, unabated.  And today, the ominous hammer of random acts of nihilism has struck the law school!  We are all now to be poked and prodded with blue vinyl gloves by surly security guards.  Unpleasant.  And our schedules have been irrevocably disrupted.  Perhaps, we might achieve a learning, clinical experience in suing the obnoxious jinxster.  How rude!  But it does let me create a new tag for exciting occurrences.

Tom G Varik