I am happy to announce that the unplanned, unannounced hiatus on which I have been for the past week or so is finally over! Excitement!

Unfortunately, the planned, announced hiatus on which I am now going has only just begun. Unfortunate!

The last few weeks of the semester are at hand, and will be followed inevitably and diabolically by the extremely unpleasant exam week. I'm sure there are fives, maybe even tens of you out there who have missed me this past week, and, alas, you shall all just have to go on missing me for a while longer. Woe!

I shall see you again on the other side!

Update: The timing of these hiatuses with respect to the WGA strike is purely coincidental. Don't confuse my motives for hiatusing with this nonesense.

Update 2: Okay, well, by "hiatus," I mean "sort of hiatus; don't expect anything, but that doesn't mean I might not post something occasionally."

Tom G Varik