Health Care "Reform" - Six Months After Enactment

The Affordable Health Care for America Act became law six months ago today. The following provisions take effect beginning today:

  1. Start of prohibition on lifetime limits on essential health benefits;
  2. Start of prohibition on rescinding coverage except in instances of fraud;
  3. Start of requirement that companies allow dependents up to age 26 to remain on their parents' plan if the dependent is not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan;
  4. Companies can no longer exclude payment for treating a preexisting condition for a child under 19;
  5. Companies cannot impose annual limits on essential health benefits;
  6. Non-grandfathered plans must cover A- or B-graded preventive services, other preventive services, and certain immunizations;
  7. Deadline for insured group health plans to meet requirements prohibiting discrimination in favor of highly compensated individuals in terms of eligibility and benefits (group health plans can't offer better coverage to people who make more money);
  8. Insurance companies must implement an internal and external appeals process for coverage determinations and claim disputes.

Source: Center for Health Transformation [PDF]

Tom G Varik