Gillian Gibbons Released

According to the AP, Gillian Gibbons has been placed safely on a plane out of Sudan, bound for home. More as story develops.

Update: Ms. Gibbons was apparently pardoned by Sudan President Omar al-Bashir after two Muslim members of the UK House of Lords flew to Sudan to negotiate on her behalf. She was pardoned and released to the British embassy in Khartoum, whereafter she was booked on every possible flight out of Khartoum, for security purposes. She was taken to the airport in an unmarked car and flew to Dubai, where she boarded a flight to Heathrow. She is due to arrive at 7am local time (2am EST).

The only unfortunate part of all this is that we probably won't get many details on the negotiations. I would have liked to have known how they went.

Thankfully, she is safe and will be home soon.

Tom G Varik