Gibbons Verdict

According to the Associated Press, Ms. Gibbons has been found guilty and sentenced to prison and deportation. No word on whipping.

More to come. . .

Update: 15 days imprisonment.

Update II: According to The Daily Mail, the prison where Ms. Gibbons is to spend her 15 day sentence was designed to hold 200 women, and currently houses 1,500 women and children. On the other hand, Sudanese officials are rumored to have started processing deportation papers for this weekend, suggesting she may be sent home early.

Update III: According to Rational Jenn, Fox News, &c., protesters are demanding Gibbons' execution. According to CNN, her time served counts toward the 15 days, so she has 10 days to go. Additional international negotiations to secure early, safe release are ongoing.

I wonder if the Sudan Riot Police will be as protective of her when she is released as they were when she was in court.

Update IV: The mob calling for Ms. Gibbons' death is now thousands strong, and Ms. Gibbons has been moved to a "secret location" for her protection.

The insane, destructive fervor into which True Believers are able to whip themselves loses no horror by being commonplace. (See, e.g., The Salman Rushdie knighthood, the Danish cartoons, the Miss World protests, etc.)

Tom G Varik