Get Used To It, Kid

From the Sunderland Echo, via Angry People in Local Newspapers, comes this quote from a (UK) government bureaucrat, in response to criticism of a "minimalist" playpark populated exclusively by concrete plinths of varying height after a child is injured by whacking his head on one:

The design provided in the park is very different and probably not what many people are used to in a public play space, but the provision of features, such as natural materials, mounds, logs and blocks, encourages children to play more imaginatively and creatively. This broader and more naturalistic approach to play provision is one that is being encouraged by all the key play and safety agencies as well as being endorsed by central and local government. It is not intended to replace traditional play space, but rather to add to the mix of play provisions and to enrich children's opportunities to experience a wide variety of stimulating play experiences.

Paraphrased, I think it means "kids need to get used to bland, useless, painful government-provided concrete structures early so they will passively accept the disappointment with life we'll be forcing them to endure for the rest of their lives."

Tom G Varik