Further Hinkiness

Netflix has gone and done something wonky that messed up the Netflix widget and broke the site for a while. Lovely if(isset($var)) statements have fixed the problem, but the queue still doesn't show. At least, not from where I'm sitting. It might be a magpie issue. Your cache may vary. Either Netflix changed the format of the RSS feed with my queue in it, thereby messing up the regular expressions the Netflix widget uses to extract pertinent movie data from the feed, resulting in a null set of results, and which will require actual work on my part to fix, or my cache simply contains an anomalous empty copy of the feed, again resulting in a null set of results, but which will resolve itself in due time. Either way, failure of the widget to set the necessary variables will no longer break the entire site like it did before.

Update: Everything is back to normal now. Please let me know if anyone sees any further misbehavior of the Netflix widget.

Tom G Varik