I research many things on the Internets. This is not one of them. But I found it and could not stop laughing. And it gives me an opportunity to kick off the "Post-modernism" category.

Via Manolo's Shoe Blog, which itself comes to me via Mr. Flibbertigibbet, the Louis Vitton Frankenpurse:

Louis Vitton Frankenpurse
Apparently, it costs $52,500 and they're only making two dozen. Beyoncé Knowles and the current Mrs. Rudy Giuliani are rumored to be among the elite few purchasers. Witness the Post-modernism at work here. Rather than make a new, classy, stylish bag that a beautiful woman wouldn't have to compete with for attention, they just cut up their leftovers from seasons past, slap them together haphazardly, and claim to have created the pinnacle of high purse fashion. Being elegant, simple, understated, compact, or functional isn't important any more. Everything that can be done has been done. Everything old is new again, if we just mix it up a bit. And now there's a purse that perfectly articulates the aesthetics that follow therefrom.

I neglected to source the photograph. It is from a Louis Vitton press kit.

Tom G Varik