First Netflix Experience

I was looking forward to watching Cars this evening. I was excited about it all day. I worked extra hard to make sure I got all my reading done for classes tomorrow. I got home and found an exciting red envelope in the mailbox. Yippee. I set up on the couch, got something to eat, a cold drink, set up the TV and got out the disc.


Oh the despair! Weep with woe and regret! The agony! Now I must wait until Thursday to see Cars. How depressing. I should get an extra two days on my free trial.

All in all, not a great first impression, Netflix. Or Post Office. Whoever did it.

To those of my readers who have the Netflix, is this a common occurrence? Will I get in trouble if my Post Office (or postal carrier) is prone to handling these things with wanton, reckless disregard for their physical integrity?

Tom G Varik