Damn Cartoon Bird!

The Roadrunner decided it was afraid of a little (really, quite minor) thunderstorm and quit on me for several hours. Which is to say, the Internets were on hiatus and I didn't notice 'cause the TV didn't go out. Very confusing. Cable sucks. See my post, The Road to Ruin. Ended up that the Wordpress couldn't save all of my big huge long substantive post I had planned for you this evening, and I lost a big chunk of it. I've re-written most of it, but it's only about three quarters finished and I have to go to bed. I'll finish it up tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here's a tiny preview for you.

My position, if you will, on things homosexual has often been grossly misunderstood. I was once accused of advocating the murder of the gays. Of course that's silly. I do no such thing. That would be a patently stupid thing for me to advocate. Not to mention a shockingly evil thing. Nonetheless, some unfortunate person once accused me of so advocating, so I figure I should take the time to write down my thinking on the subject, for clarity’s sake. Obviously, you have to read the whole thing to properly understand what I’m thinking here.

Tom G Varik