Bee Movie

It is not my ordinary practice to comment on or review films before I have seen them, but I make exception here to tell everyone who will listen why I will not see animated Jerry Seinfeld vehicle Bee Movie. I have not seen it. And I will not. The cause for my refusal is viewable on the "Memorable Quotes" page for the film at the Internet Movie Database, which you may view by clicking here. Here is the offending quote. For context, I am aware that "Mooseblood" is an animated anthropomorphic mosquito.

Cow: You're a lawyer too?
Mooseblood: Ma'am, I was already a bloodsucking parasite. All I needed was a briefcase!
There are probably a few lawyer jokes out there that do not degrade lawyers. This is not one of them, and it is sufficiently odious to keep me from spending money to watch the film, on principle. If Dreamworks and Mr Seinfeld want to call lawyers "bloodsucking parasites," that's their business. They may say what they like. But I will not sanction such statements with money I earn by working in the legal profession.

Tom G Varik