A Kick In The Globes

NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have canceled this year's Golden Globes awards ceremony, because the SAG actors decided they weren't going to show up, on account of their "respect" for the WGA strike. HFPA will simply announce the winners at some point, with no pomp or circumstance involved.

By canceling the show and announcing the winners, HFPA is letting the SAG actors eat their cake (by giving them their awards) and have it, too (by caving in to their protest of the awards show).

If I were HFPA, I'd have postponed it instead. That way, they could keep the winners secret until the whole mess was over. No awards until you guys get this stuff sorted.

I wonder if SAG will be holding its own awards show if this strike is still ongoing when SAG Award season comes around in about a month.

Update:TBS is advertising the SAG Awards show for Sunday, 27 January. It might still be canceled, though. It would be highly duplicitous for the SAG actors to boycott the Globes, but still hold their own show.

Tom G Varik